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ARMGB provide a low-cost home alarm product with a community patrol service.  In addition, we can provide reassurance to older and vulnerable persons and those suffering from age related memory loss. For those members who go missing from home due to age related memory loss we can provide a search and rescue service. This service is additional to standard membership and we have devices that can be rented or purchased to track your loved ones.


ARMGB exist as a not-for-profit organisation to improve the quality of life of our members by reinvesting surplus funds back in to the community to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.


We will work with other agencies and charities to ensure we provide the best service we can to every member. We are not the police, nor are we trying to replace them. Meet the founders



Why we do it...


Continued cuts to policing, care and social services has left our communities vulnerable. We recognise that since 2008 we, the public, have had to use our own money and savings to fill the gap that our taxes once paid for.



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