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"Ann and I have been friends with Stew for 5 or 6 years and got to know him when he was the Community Support Manager for the Old Dalby Railway Test Track. We would meet many times to discuss the state of security and policing and with him being an old fashioned retired Policeman our friendship grew with our shared concern. With other former cops Stew's moved on to form his own non-profit Community Interest Company called Alarm Response Management CIC. ARMGB is a bit like a charity and exists to improve the quality of life for those in the villages and towns on my delivery round by providing free community safety patrols. He also has a fantastic new type of alarm which can be given away at no cost and needs no engineer to fit. It's maintenance free too. If it activates it immediately sends a signal directly to a community safety patrol car which attends to check your home. In these days of reduced traditional policing I think this is exactly what we need to be sure someone is available to prevent crimes. I'm asking that we all support Stew and his team by becoming members and doing our bit to improve things in our area. Tony Fowler MBE."


"A couple of months ago, those nice gentlemen from ARMGB gave me a burglar alarm for free.  Now it’s not every day you get things for free so it’s only right that I gave the product a good testing and see how it works. I have a burglar alarm in my house but as this does not extend to the garage, I knew that the free system would fit right at home in there.  The first thing you have to do is set the alarm up.  I am good with gadgets but even I had to read the instructions because this alarm can do quite a bit.  It is a portable device that when activated, will not only make a really loud noise, but send a text message to your phone as well as ring you on it too. Once you get the batteries in the alarm, the next job is to fit a mobile phone SIM card.  I just chose any cheap one and put £10 on it because without it, the alarm will not call your phone.  Probably best to get one which gives you the best reception signal in a bad area.  This was easy to install and then you have to set up the alarm to notify whoever you wish the alarm has activated and, whether you want the audible sounder on or off.  The idea is that when the alarm is up and running and activated by an intruder, they are not aware the alarm has been triggered so best to keep it silent.  Then you have to program up to 3 numbers to the alarm so someone can be informed it has gone off.  The idea is that you put the first number as ARMGB mobile patrol as they will be the responder to your unit. Once this is done, put the alarm together and find a good place to locate it to protect your valuables.  To activate the alarm, it is really easy.  The kit comes with a remote fob which you just point at the receiving unit and press the arm button.  The alarm takes 30 seconds to test and set then you can leave it be and walk away. Once activated, the alarm will call the first number in its memory bank, (the ARMGB patrol) and they will then respond.  If you go into the area where your alarm is, you can deactivate it easily by pressing the Clr button on your remote fob.  It is that easy to operate. This is a free alarm with a minimal monthly charge to make sure you are protected around the clock.  It is portable so you can place it anywhere around your home, you can add to the number in your home at any time by asking the guys at ARMGB for more.  The other great thing about being given a free alarm, is that any profit made by the company for providing this service goes straight back to the community which they serve so, not only do you get peace of mind from a monitored alarm cheaper than anyone else, you also get money back to go to projects in your area.  You can’t ask for more than that.  Well, you can, you can ask the guys at ARMGB to set you and all your neighbours up now with this system.  It really works. Alistair D"

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