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The legal bit


Alarm Response Management GB Community Interest Company hereinafter known as ARMGB, is required to produce an annual Community Interest Company (CIC) Report, which will be made available to all members. A copy will be sent to Companies House where it will be placed on public record.


The Report will record ARMGB’s activities and how it involved its members during the year. This will ensure that the community served by ARMGB will have easy access to key information on its activities.


Our members have the same governance and decision-making role as in any other company, but they (and the directors) are under a stronger obligation to have regard to the wider community which the company serves.


People dealing with ARMGB (such as banks and suppliers) are familiar with dealing with Community Interest Companies (CIC) and therefore have confidence in a corporate body with limited liability.


Terms and conditions for our members


By clicking pay and entering into an agreement with us, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. These do not affect your statutory rights. You can cancel an agreement with us within 14 days. After those 14 days you are required to provide three (3) calendar months notice to terminate your agreement.


The Alarm

  1. This agreement provides one Portable Burglar Alarm per member household which transmits a signal to a security patrol and others when activated.
  2. Members should be aware that the device may not on its own provide security for an entire property. It should be used where persons are likely to pass it and it is not to be used when a property is occupied.
  3. If you cancel the agreement during the 14 day period, the Portable Burglar Alarm must be returned to us. Cancellation after that period means you keep the alarm.   Failure to return the alarm when required may result in ARMGB seeking to recover costs.
  4. To allow price advantage, alarms are manufactured to order and shipped. Orders will be dispatched immediately (on cleared payment) from UK stock. ARMGB will update members regarding delivery.


The SIM Card

You should check which telephone network works best in your area. You are to provide your own SIM and are responsible for its maintenance and operation.



  1. Patrols are ARMGB's main service element providing a deterrent, alarm response and provision of information to make a property safe.
  2. ARMGB undertakes to carry out irregular security patrols of the member's address throughout shifts to deter disorder at that address at times advised by the member, ARMGB, Police and other community safety operators.
  3. Routine patrols will consist of a cursory check of the premises. Keys will not be carried so at no time will a patrol have access to any part of the locked premises.
  4. The member's address must be clearly marked to allow fast and easy identification of the property.
  5. Upon receiving an alarm signal the following immediate action will occur - ARMGB will carry out a security industry process to eliminate false/mis-operated alarms. ARMGB is only obliged to attend genuine alarms.
  6. Upon arrival at the protected premises following a real alarm, an external premises check will be carried out where access is available. Video footage of the check will be carried out and made available to the member should issues be discovered. Should evidence of an intrusion be detected the Police will be contacted via 999. The member's authorised person will be informed by the alarm and attend to be responsible for the safety of the premises. ARMGB will secure any evidence discovered, handing it to Police. ARMGB is not a property guarding service.
  7. I agree that ARMGB cannot be held responsible for events caused by others which restrict travel, close roads and cause damage to facilities used by ARMGB.
  8. Inappropriate disclosure of ARMGB's Standard Operational Procedures will compromise the security of the protected premise so will not be made public.
  9. If any delay in alarm delivery occurs, ARMGB will provide a patrol service to act as a deterrent as if the alarm was in place.


Vulnerable Persons

ARMGB will provide a Point Of Contact service and when such persons are discovered to be in need, advice and assistance can be provided to reduce suffering. Information regarding incidents and occurrences impacting upon the address will be reported to the relevant party and information stored to a member's file.




I authorise ARMGB to manage any security issue discovered which impacts upon my circumstances, informing the emergency services as required. Should board up services (or similar) be required following an incident, ARMGB will provide a cost effective tradesman to secure the premises as soon as possible.


  1. I designate ARM GB to monitor my address above and respond to the ARM GB security alarm at the address I have provided.
    1. If I already have an alarm fitted which is monitored, I nominate ARMGB as a responder.
  2. I agree to pay a monitoring fee as set on the website/agreement by monthly direct debit from my bank to Alarm Response Management - ARMGB until a three (3) calendar months written notice to terminate this contract has been completed and received by ARMGB.
  3. I agree to pay the membership fee as set on the website. As a customer I can take the option to purchase additional alarms. These alarms are only to be used by me at my home address.
  4. I agree to programme ARMGB's response telephone number into my alarm to signal them as the first responder and to email, as the example list herein of authorised persons to be signalled (who will attend if I am unavailable).
  5. I agree that all communications with ARMGB will be by text or email.
  6. I authorise ARMGB to carry out security checks of my premises following an alarm activation and whenever deemed necessary.
  7. ARMGB will provide an irregular mobile patrol to my address and respond to my alarm and manage security incidents affecting my property as part of their service. However, if more than two false alarms are received during a patrol shift the attending patrol crew may charge a £10 attendance fee to the member. This is at the discretion of the patrol who will take into account all the circumstances surrounding the activation.
  8. Dated from this agreement I undertake to list all vehicles (colour, make, type, registration) used by occupiers to assist in identifying vehicles which are expected to be parked at or close to the protected premises.
  9. I understand that the correct locating of alarm sensors influences alarm activations and that such will impact upon SIM card performance and usage costs.
  10. I accept that the provision and maintenance of any SIM card required to operate my alarm is my responsibility and that "maintenance" refers to administering and operating the alarm and SIM.
  11. I understand that it is my responsibility to use a GSM mobile network and SIM card with appropriate cover and value and that any technical problem is the responsibility of the system operator/provider.
  12. I understand that ARMGB will only operate in accordance with its Standard Operational Procedures.
  13. I accept and understand that ARMGB is not a statutory emergency service and provides a security response in a manner dictated mainly by vehicle, road and traffic conditions. I also accept that ARMGB cannot be held responsible for road/traffic or other conditions which restrict or prevent attendance caused by third parties, negligence or criminal action.
  14. Transfer of responsibility. In the event of circumstances requiring such a transfer at 1. (herein) or any change of information pertaining to this contract, it is my responsibility to notify ARMGB in writing immediately.



In connection with this or any other Contract between you and us, you shall not give, provide, or offer to our staff or agents any loan, fee, reward, gift or any emolument or advantage whatsoever. In the event of any breach of this Condition; we shall without prejudice to any other rights we may possess, be at liberty forthwith to terminate this and any other Contract and to recover from you any loss or damage resulting from such termination.


Programming of Alarm unit

Example of authorised persons to be programmed into the alarm upon activation. A list of authorised persons must me emailed to ARMGB as per 4. (herein). ARMGB will provide the confidential response telephone number with delivery of the alarm.




























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I undertake not to divulge the confidential response telephone number (when confirmed) to any person and never to call that number.

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