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Working with communities


The following information relates to a long-term project in the East Midlands, and involved cross border work between two counties. The project was successful and the non-Police team involved were able to eliminate one of our country's highest value crime: metal theft. During the project, staff worked tirelessly to bring crimes and anti-social behaviour to the attention of the Police. The following data provides a perfect example of how effective operations can be, and relates to just one months work:



Intelligence based informationPolice EmergenciesAddresses identified where Drugs were being soldSecurity AssistanceRail EmergenciesHomes found open and InsecureCrime/DisorderFire EmergenciesPeople reported selling Drugs on the streetMedical EmergenciesVehicle used Drugs offencesTotal incidences identified and reported to the police in one month was503427141811 11111



The project success was described by a Nottinghamshire Police report as showing the following:


  • Burglary Reduced by 20%
  • Criminal Damage Reduced by 59%
  • Violent Offences Reduced by 57%
  • 32 offenders were taken off the streets.



A cost benefit analysis showed that over 704 patrol hours covering 3,269 miles 994 incidents were reported averaging 1.4 incidents per hour and an incident being recorded every 6.74 miles.


Our networking with a national charity has identified the potential to assist their annual fundraising in just one county to produce a potential annual income of over 2.2 million pounds.



Protecting vulnerable people


In April 2017, we were made aware of an elderly man who was subjected to an attempted doorstep fraud for repair to his roof. It became apparent that he was very vulnerable, and had been discharged from hospital without any form of support. He had been discharged in the early hours of the morning to his home. He was diabetic, but there was no food in the house, he was unsteady on his feet, but the house had not been adapted for him to move around safely. The house was in such a state that it was a fire hazard. As you can imagine, it wasn’t long before he was back in hospital. Following his first discharge from care we got involved and liaised with a variety of organisation on his behalf, including organisations he owed money for services to. Eventually, and after a substantial effort by our team, his home was improved to the point that it was safe for him to return. It wasn’t our job to go those extra miles and work for free, but it was done because we knew that if we didn’t do it, nobody would. We made a difference to his life, and we are glad we did.




We operate as Professional Witnesses on behalf of those looking to grow safer communities by reducing the fear of crime.


We are not the Police, nor will we replace them. We will work with all organisations to make our community safer.





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